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Aroma Diffuser-Ionmax Serene ION138
The Ionmax Serene ION138 ultrasonic aroma diffuser reintroduces moisture into the air to help you maintain a comfortable humidity level in your home. Enjoy the ultimate aromatherapy experience from this...
Breeze Series Replacement Filters For Ionmax ION420/422HII
The replacement filters for the ION420 includes the pre-filter, HEPA filter and Carbon filter. Pre-Filter: Removes larger particles from the air, such as hair, smoke, pollen and dust. Washable.HEPA Filter:...
Breeze UV Light for Ionmax ION420
The replacement UV Lamp for the ION420 air purifier.
Carbon Filter For Ionmax ION310
Carbon Filter for Ionmax ION310
Carbon Filter For Ionmax ION450-Home AIr Purifier ION450
Carbon Filter for Ionmax ION450  for Premium Home Air Purifier
Coway P210N Water Purifier High Performance Carbon Filter
Coway High filtration performance as a counter top or under-the-sink water purifier. No power consumption needed. High quality carbon filter filters out over 15 harmful contaminants from water. The Coway P210N...
Desiccant Dehumidifier Ionmax 612-Ion612- RECOMMENDED BY CHOICE MAGAZINE, back in stock mid June
Helps to efficiently control the humidity of the air. Quieter operation, energy-saving with silver nano technology. Removes up to 7L of water, and makes an excellent dehumidifier to dry clothes...
Desiccant Dehumidifier Ionmax ION610 ,2YEAR WARRANTY, some stock available
The Ionmax ION610 desiccant dehumidifier helps to control the humidity in your home efficiently, removing up to 6 litres of moisture a day. With precise humidity level controls, a CFC-free...
HEPA And Carbon Filter Set For Ionmax ION450
EPA and Carbon Filter Set for Ionmax ION450 Premium Home Air Purifier.
HEPA Filter For Ionmax ION450
HEPA Filter replacement for the Ionmax ION450 Premium Home Air Purifier.
Humidifier-Cool Mist Ionmax ION50
The Ionmax ION50 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier reintroduces moisture into the air by providing a optimal relative humidity level without affecting the room temperature. Helps to relieve those respiratory issues...
Innovative Thermal vest-Thermobuddy. Medium sizes left. Reduced to $47
Finally, there is a safe and innovative solution to self applied heat therapy. The Thermobuddy vest is specifically designed to be versatile while distributing therapeutic heat to the body’s tension...
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